As the founders of Lathr, we are thrilled to introduce our premium men's skincare personal lifestyle brand to wholesale and stockist partners. At Lathr, we're passionate about crafting high-quality grooming products that seamlessly integrate into the modern man's daily routine. 


Our brand embodies a commitment to excellence, offering innovative formulations designed to elevate skincare experiences. We believe in fostering partnerships with retailers who share our vision for redefining men's grooming standards. With a focus on quality, efficacy, and style, Lathr is poised to become a trusted choice for discerning consumers seeking authenticity and sophistication in their skincare regimen. Join us in spreading the Lathr lifestyle experience far and wide, transforming men's skincare & daily routines for the better.

Frank & Enza

 sustainably sourced

Our sustainably sourced products make a positive impact on the planet.

not tested on animals

Our products are so animal-friendly that even the squirrels pause to admire their testing-free greatness. - they're 100% cruelty-free!

natural ingredients

Our products are so natural, they make Mother Nature herself second-guess her recipe book!

no harsh chemicals

100% paraben & sulphates free, including our fragrances. 

Elevate Your Retail Offering: Partner with Lathr for Premium Men's Skincare

At Lathr, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and inclusivity when it comes to working with wholesalers of all sizes. We understand that each retail space is unique, which is why we offer programs tailored to fit your individual needs. 


Whether you're a large distributor or a boutique retailer, we're committed to providing a seamless experience. With a low minimum order quantity (MOQ), we ensure accessibility to our premium skincare products, allowing you to stock what's right for your customers without excessive inventory commitments. 


Our goal is to empower every retailer, regardless of size, to offer the exceptional Lathr skincare experience to their clientele.

Become a Stockist

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