Solid Colognes: Why People are Choosing them

Solid Colognes: Why People are Choosing them
As of late, solid colognes have been rising in popularity over their spray counterparts. However, solid fragrances aren’t anything new. Just like their liquid counterparts, they have roots in ancient Egypt consisting of beeswax and scented oils. So, why are they becoming so popular now? Well, let’s dive in and take a look!

What are Solid Colognes?

Solid fragrances are scented oils encased in beeswax, just as they were back in ancient times. They aren’t actually a hard solid, but they have a more stable consistency than that of liquid, of course. They are typically soft and malleable waxy substances that you can easily scoop out with a finger.

With solid fragrances, you typically only apply them to places with a pulse or that have heat to allow the scent to waft through the air. The suggested areas of application are your wrists, behind your ears, your neck, and even the back of your knees. I also like to put a bit on my chest.

What are the Benefits?

Spray fragrances are still more popular in many circles, but the love for solids is growing. This is partly due to their portability. As you may or may not know, liquid scents have alcohol in them, and thus have restrictions when traveling with your favorite spritz. Solids don’t have this setback and are perfectly fine for carrying on your global adventures.

Have you ever tried to put an entire liquid-based cologne in your pocket? It doesn’t work very well. Even with travel sprayers and decants, the risk of shattering the glass and ending up looking like you had an embarrassing accident, along with potentially staining your trousers, is a real fear and inconvenience.

Luckily, solid fragrances come in a handy little metal tin that easily slips into your pocket. There is no fear of losing your scent from a bump, or the bottle leaking. The screw caps on Lathr’s solids ensures that it stays snug and secure, wherever your journeys may take you. No one has time to carry around an extra pair of pants in case something happens, so it’s much more efficient to carry a can.

Also, solid fragrances are often bolstered with skin loving ingredients such as meadowfoam seed oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. On top of having a scent that lasts all day, these fragrances can also help your skin.

What is the Difference?

Outside of what we already discussed, the unique makeup of spray and solid fragrance makes them behave differently. Solids don’t have alcohol in them, which is a major catalyst that shoots the scent out from your body so that others can smell it from far away, which is called projection. Sillage is the amount of scent trail that a fragrance leaves as you move or walk.

Solids being without alcohol makes them a great choice for those who want more subtle scents. They can still be vividly smelled radiating off the skin, but they aren’t going to be picked up from people across the room. This makes them utterly fantastic for travel and work, so that you still smell amazing, but you don’t risk choking anyone out in an enclosed space.

Since the projection is lower for these types of scents, the sillage isn’t as potent either, but they will leave a soft scent trail as you walk by someone, and they will be able to smell them.

Solid colognes do typically last longer than fragrances. Being encased in beeswax allows the scents to not be absorbed by the skin as quickly as alcohol-based scents. The wax creates a layer for the scents to rest upon instead of being exposed to bare skin, which results in a scent that will last you all day long.

Due to smaller size and the need for less oil, solids are more affordable than many spray varieties. When properly applied, they will last you just as long as an entire 100ml of a spray fragrance, and sometimes even longer.


Solid fragrances are ideal for the budget-conscious gentleman. They last all day without having an intruding scent, and they are safer to carry, both in your pocket and abroad. Lathr has a collection of solid colognes that will have you smelling like a fresh cut at a barbershop, crisp air from an adventure into the arctic, a tobacco-laden cedar forest, and many more. Just look at the ingredients, soap buds. The proof is in the pudding. They also have a selection of spray fragrances as well, so they have you covered no matter what your jam is.

Are you convinced yet? Well, I wasn’t at first either. As a fragrance reviewer, I wonder why I needed a fragrance that was more subtle. If I spent my hard-earned cash on a fragrance, I want others to enjoy it as well.

However, once I started trying the cologne balms, the appeal started to dawn on me. I smelled good all day long and got subtle whiffs of the scent as I moved. It was not overpowering, but it was present. The best thing about it is that it didn’t assault my olfactory senses with potent oils and alcohol, so I could easily smell the scent for the entire day without my nose wanting to go on vacation.

My fragrance journey has always been about discovering new things, and although solid fragrances have been around for centuries, I am delighted that I found them. They have their place, and as I get older, I start finding myself preferring scents that aren’t as loud, and these are perfect for that.

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