Benefits of Sea Salt Spray for Your Hair

Benefits of Sea Salt Spray for Your Hair
Sea salt sprays may be a trending thing right now, but they have been around since the 90s. They have recently gained popularity amongst people looking for a new style for their hair. However, not all trendy things are good for you, and some just plain don’t work. So, let’s take a look at what sea salt spray actually does.

Curls for Days

One of the major benefits of sea salt spray is its ability to enhance curly and wavy hair. I have very coarse and wavy hair myself, which stems from Mediterranean roots. When I use sea salt spray, it gives more of a curl to my wavy hair, which is more attractive than the half curls that I normally get.

If your hair is already curly, then it will just give them more volume. It your hair is straight and fine, then it will possibly give you waves. Essentially, the way that your hair looks after a dip in the ocean, minus the wet mophead and sunburn that goes along with a beach excursion.

Frizz Factor

My hair tends to be frizzy when I grow it out. I am pretty sure that it’s caused by some of my hair wanting to curl and others wanting to lay down. It’s like my strands have an existential crisis on a daily basis, and no one likes to look like they stuck their finger in a light socket. It worked for Einstein, but sadly, it doesn’t for most men.

One of the most coveted benefits of sea salt spray is frizz control. It doesn’t have the hold, or the terrible smell, of hair spray, and it won’t leave your hair feeling sticky with a chemical product in it.

Turn the Volume Up

The main reason people opt for sea salt spray is for volume and definition. It can make your hair look fuller and that is especially important if you have thin or aging hair.  It’s not going to make hair grow back, but it will highlight the hair that you do have.

However, the product may not be as suitable for your beard, if you have certain hair types. Using it in a mane may cause some issues, which I will cover in the next topic. If you want a more youthful look to your hair, then sea salt spray is something that you should try.

A Potential Side Effect

While sea salt spray does many wonderful things, the salt can dry your hair out by sucking the moisture out of it. However, you are probably already using Lathr’s wonderful line of hair care products, which naturally moisturize your hair, so you shouldn’t see an issue with that. If you are using commercial products that strip your hair of their essential oils, then you may see that your hair is dry and frizzy.

Due to the potential to dry your hair out, it is not recommended for your beard if you have naturally dry hair. However, it can have the same benefits for your beard as your heard of hair, but make sure to pair it with Lathr’s new emu beard oil and a beard balm to avoid beard itch from it drying your face scruff out.


Sea salt spray is a wonderful product that people are just now discovering. Lathr offers a high-quality spray without any fillers, so you are getting a natural product that is exactly what the label says. It’s almost Christmas, and many of us are missing those beach days of summer. Put some of that sunny optimism in your hair and make those surfer dudes jealous.

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