The Top Misconceptions About Cologne Debunked

The Top Misconceptions About Cologne Debunked

The Top Misconceptions About Cologne Debunked

Written by: John Harper

Cologne is something that a lot of men love, but some may not understand. For many, it’s something that you only use for special occasions or a date. Most men don’t think about fragrances very often. However, fragrance is something that can elevate your hygiene routine to new heights. Let’s take a look at some common myths about cologne.

What is it Called?

Many American and Canadian men refer to a scented fragrance for men as cologne, but that’s not what it’s really called. There are several names that refer to it, but the most common is simply “fragrance”. Perfume is another common one, but many North American men think that refers to only women’s scents, but it’s a common name for fragrances in Europe. Aftershave is also used in parts of Europe, but it’s most common in the UK.

Cologne is a type of fragrance that normally refers to a citrusy aromatic fragrance. Usually a top of lemon, bergamot, or orange with a heart of lavender and herbs with a base of cedar or sandalwood. Think of Dior’s Eau Sauvage or Acqua di Parma’s Colonia, and you will understand the cologne style of fragrances.

While it is perfectly acceptable to call it cologne in North America, in other countries you might want to refer to it as a fragrance. I personally call it perfume or fragrance in my everyday verbiage.

Oil Concentration

There are some common misconceptions about oil concentrations. It is said that a higher oil concentration makes a stronger fragrance, and this is not always true. While more oil can make a fragrance stronger, it won’t matter if the fragrance has notes that dissipate easily, such as neroli and citruses.

If you have a fragrance with heavy base notes, such as tobacco, vanilla, and oakmoss, then adding more oil can make it last longer. However, alcohol is a catalyst for projection, so the more moil, the less throw the fragrance will have. That’s just something to keep in mind.

So, ultimately the density of the molecules that make up the fragrance matter more than the oil concentration. More oil concentration does cost more as well, but it’s not always better.

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Fragrances for Special Occasions

I wear fragrances every single day. There are fragrances meant for casual wear and some for more formal wear, or even a date night. For instance, with Lathr, Emperor is a more casual scent, while Black Cherry is good for date nights. Barbershop has a nice scent that may be used formally.

Fragrances are expensive, and I get that. However, I don’t want to rob myself of the joy of smelling amazing every day, so I wear them daily. It’s a small sacrifice, but I think all of us Lathr fans love to smell good, so spray away. Lathr has affordable fragrances, so you don’t need to save them. Enjoy them and wear the fragrances proudly!

Solid Fragrances and Spray Fragrances

Many people within the soap community debate on whether spray fragrances or solid fragrances are better. The truth is that they are both used for different things. The main difference is the alcohol content. As I said previously, it is a proponent of fragrance throw. Therefore, solid fragrance will sit closer to skin and last longer due to the waxes holding the oils in. Spray fragrances will radiate off the skin more than solids and are less messy to apply.

Solid fragrances are great for travel since they have no alcohol in them. You can easily put them in your pocket, and they aren’t flammable due to the lack of alcohol. In addition to that, they are also better for plane rides due to lower projection, so they will not irritate people around you.

Both versions have their strengths, and both are suited for their own uses, so there isn’t a clear winner here. Just pick whichever suits your needs. Try out both versions if you aren’t sure. They all smell amazing.

Lotion as a Viable Alternative

I am sorry, gents. Lotion is not a replacement for perfume. Lotion serves a purpose; to moisturize. The scent doesn’t linger nearly as long as a perfume. The same goes for soap. The scent lingers for a bit, but it’s not meant to last all day like a fragrance.

To complete your scented ensemble and smell like the scent all day, you need a dedicated fragrance. While lotions and soaps smell incredible, they are not meant to have a lasting scent. Soaps cleanse and lotions moisturize. Perfume’s sole job is to make you scented, and that is what it excels at.


There are many misconceptions about perfume. I do hope you learned something from this article. Keep smelling amazing, Soap Buds. Also, Lathr has a few new fragrances being released soon, and they are going to be ones that you will love!

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